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Château Peyros

Château de Laubade gave birth to the Lesgourgues vineyards. Today, they represent a group of five prestigious estates, from the Bas Armagnac to Madiran, from Bordeaux to the heart of the Graves. Chateau Peyros (“a stony place” in Gascony language), is a 17th century estate and mansion with an exceptional terroir.

A stainless steel tank was built in the 1980s under the famous oenoligist Emile Penaud’s supervision. In 1999, the winery was equipped with temperature control and micro-oxygenation systems that could soften the wines made with Tannat. The cellar dates back to the 17th century and is naturally isolated, thermically and hydrometrically.

Madiran Red Blend

Madiran Red Blend

Château Peyros - Cuvée Tradition