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Domaine Emmanuel Fellot

Emmanuel Fellot took over his family estate after several generations of winemakers before him. His land is located between the hills of Brouilly and the Nizerand valley, with a cellar composed of old stones. The Beaujolais from this area are the most rare, composing only 5% of the appellation’s total production.

He is making a Beaujolais Blanc, a Beaujolais-Village and Beaujolais Nouveau from his different plots. He is also proud to announce the recent purchase of vines in Cote De Brouilly “Vieilles Vignes,” soon more outstanding wine will be made by the Emmanuel Fellot estate.

Beaujolais Chardonnay

Beaujolais Chardonnay

Domaine Emmanuel Fellot - Beaujolais Blanc