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Rogue Valley Pinot Noir


Atlas Wine Co.

Denomination: Rogue Valley AVA
Wine Name: Omen Pinot Noir


100% Pinot Noir

Red Wine



Alexandre Remy


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Atlas is a new generation farming company with over 40 years of combined expertise farming and developing vineyards around the world. Atlas respects and honors traditional farming practices but also actively seeks and implements innovative ideas and concepts. This enables Atlas Wine to produce hand-craed wine for under $20 that is made only from AVA grapes, yeast, oak and the minimum amount of free sulfites necessary. No mega-purple, no DCDM, no added sweeteners or mouthfeel agents. Just great tasting wine for a very aordable price.


The Applegate Valley (within the Rogue Valley) is characterize by many micro-climates and high soil diversity. Long, warm days accompanied by very cool nights and a very low risk of precipitation leads to wines with great depth of flavor and complexity. Each vineyard in the Rogue Valley brings unique characteristics to their fruit because of the soil diversity and high altitude (1000-1500 feet). Wines coming from the right vineyards are powerful and extremely complex. More than 75% of the grapes are actually live certified.


Each block has been fermented separately to be able to preserve the single chracteristics of the varietal and the vineyard. Aging 8 months in barrel with 30% of new oak.

Tasting Notes

Deep, complex aromatics are accented by dark cherry and a touch of cranberry. The mouthfeel is rich and concentrated from the low yields & warm climate of the Rogue Valley. The wine has great depth yet is very balanced and finishes with a delicate so texture.

Food Pairing

Best served with thin crust pizza!

Rogue Valley Pinot Noir

Rogue Valley Pinot Noir

Atlas Wine - Omen Pinot Noir