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Vin de Corse

Terra Corsa - Rosé


Union des Vignerons de l'Île de Beauté


AOP Corsica

Wine Name:

Terra Corsa Rosé


85% Nielluciu, 15% Grenache
Style: Dry

Daniel Barcelo

Location: Corsica


Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Although it is closer to Italy, it has been under French rule since 1769. The Terra Corsa vineyards are located on the East coast of Corsica, between the Thyrrenian sea and the mountains and have a long tradition of excellence. This island of contrasts and passions, was very early revealed as a priviledged wine growing area. In the second century BC., the Phoceans, sailing from Greece settled in Alalia (today Aléria) on the Eastern coast, and introduced the culture of the vine. The birth date of a beautiful and long history from antiquity to our days, history that will generate a great tradition of excellence in wine making.


The Costa Serena, also called Oriental coast is located on the Eastern part of the island on a valley floor, ideally tucked between mountains and sea. The vineyards oriented South-East are subject to long sunny days, cool down by strong maritimes influences. The soil is diverse from Clay to Limestone.
The Niellucciu is the twin brother of “Sangiovese” and takes its names from “Niellu” which in Corsican means black, dark. Vineyards are on average 20 to 25 years old.


The grapes are mechanically harvested early in the morning, refrigerated at 40F then quickly pressed in order to obtain a clear pink color. Cold fermentation and bottled after pressing.

Tasting Notes

This elegant and fresh wine is pink in colour with salmon tints and almost silvery shades. On the nose, the wine is full of aromas of redcurrants and pomegranate with a subtle veil of floral notes. The same aromas are apparent on the palate. This wine is both smooth and fresh.

Food Pairing

To be enjoyed either on its own as an aperitif or with a starter, red pepper salad, stuffed vegetables or goat’s cheese. Serve chilled 10/12°

Vin de Corse

Vin de Corse

Terra Corsa - Rosé