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Eau de Vie de Poire Williams

Distillery: Meyer's

Hohwarth, Alsace

Spirit Name: Pear Williams Brandy







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The Meyer’s distillery is located in the heart of the valley of Villé, in the hamlet of Hohwarth. Like many distillers, its founder, Fridolin Meyer, had specialized in traditional white alcohols typical of the north-east of France: kirsch, mirabelle, marc de gewürztraminer, etc. Liqueurs as well as rarer alcohols (alisier, elderflowers, ...) quickly enriched their offer. In 1975, his son Jean-Claude took over the distillery.

In 50 years of existence, the Meyer’s distillery is the most awarded in France, with 153 medals (including 70 gold medals) won at the General Agricultural Competition of Paris .


This Pear William Brandy is made with 100% William Pear coming from the south of France.


The fermentation and distillation happen in Alsace. There is no addition of flavoring, coloring or other blending materials at any point in the process.
Pears are submitted to two successive distillations in alembics. Then, this brandy will be aged 2 years in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes

Generous nose of pear skin with notes of white flower (jasmin). Round on the palate, with a bright acidity. Begins with an intense ripe pear flavor that evolves into almond on the finish. Aftertaste of spices (clove, cinnamon, geniper).

Meyer's Whiskey

Meyer's Whiskey

Alsatian Blend

Meyer's Pear Williams Brandy

Meyer's Pear Williams Brandy

Poire Williams