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Distillery: Sothis


Spirit Name: Sothis







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M.Chapoutier began in 1808, and has since expanded into an internationally recognized domaine. As Marius, Michel Chapoutier’s great-grandfather, always said ‘A good wine is one that beckons us to take another sip’. It was Marius who put the Chapoutier name firmly on the Rhône Valley map in the early 20th century and established its reputation for quality as far afield as America.


Organic grapes alcohol, juniper, cade, chamomile, yarrow, everlasting, wild thyme, verbena and sweet clover.
Le Pestrin spring water is used for the rectification of the vinic alcohol. Its source is located in an ancient medieval village in the heart of the Ardèche volcanoes and was voted one of the best waters in the “Concours International des Eaux Gourmet” (international ‘gourmet water’ competition) run

To avoid competition between the botanicals and bring out the gin’s full aromatic profile, a first batch of plants is infused in vinic alcohol for 24 hours. This is then blended with the rest of the botanicals including the juniper. Finally, these are distilled for over 4 hours so that each element can express itself harmoniously. During the distillation, the elements will evaporate from the most volatile to the least volatile. This allows them to separate the substances according to their evaporation temperatures.

Tasting Notes

There is a parade of aromatic impressions on the palate that follow each other with softness and tension. From citrus to spices reminiscent of lemon thyme, verbena and the sappy character of the juniper. The bitterness adds depth and then fades away with some herbaceous notes.

Gin Sothis

Gin Sothis

By M.Chapoutier