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Armagnac Vintage

Distillery: Duc De Loussac


Spirit Name: Armagnac Vintage 1988


Ugni Blanc







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Armagnac is a type of Brandy made in the Gascony region in South West France. At the end of the 19th Century, Jean Lesgourgues created his own brand known as “Duc de Loussac”, and passed it along to his grandson Maurice Lesgourgues in 1974. This Armagnac is produced in the estate owned Château de Laubade (Bas Armagnac) in Peyrehorade in Gascony, with 260 acres of single estate vineyard.


The fruit is selected from exclusive estate vineyards in Bas Armagnac, using the four traditional grap varieties of Ugni-Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco. The fruit is grown with respect to sustainable agriculture, using organic manure produced by 600 ewes. The Armagnac is “home-made”, single distilled varietal by varietal. This is the only house coopering its own casks from Gascony oak, blended with a unique of rate vintages that are aged 15 to 50 years. The blend differs from a year to another.

Tasting Notes

Bright Amber color, delicate and velvety notes of toasted almond and fresh bread crumb with a fine palate of oaky notes and hints of vanilla.


Enjoy as an aperitif or after a meal as a digestive with an expresso. It’s also a trendy pick as a cocktail base!

Armagnac XO

Armagnac XO

Duc De Loussac - Extra Old

Armagnac VSOP

Armagnac VSOP

Duc De Loussac - Very Superior Old Pale

Armagnac 1988

Armagnac 1988

Duc De Loussac